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ME-ICT Basic User Track

 Course Duration:  3 days                                                                              

Course Benefits

This 3-day course provides a comprehensive overview of the three main MS Office applications. The main focus of the course will be ‘using the right tool for the job’. As each application is explored, participants will learn;

  • Basic techniques
  • Productivity tips and keyboard shortcuts.
  • MS Office application best practices
  • Microsoft Office Word 2007: Basic
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007: Basic
  • Microsoft Office Excel 2007: Basic

Modules covered

Who Should Attend

This course is for those that are new to the use of IT tools and want to acquire basic IT skills.

Learning Outcomes

After the training, participants

  • Understand the basics of IT
  • Know the different Office packages available in Office suite
  • Be able to understand word, excel and PowerPoint environment
  • Know how to format documents
  • How to enter data into cells in excel
  • How to create simple PowerPoint  slides


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