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NAPEP builds Staff Capacity on Enterprise Project Management

The National Poverty Eradication is an agency of the Federal Government of Nigeria saddled with the responsibility of coordinating and monitoring of all poverty eradication activities thereby improving the living of the lower class in Nigeria.


NAPEP in an effort to achieve its mandate usually implement lots of poverty alleviation projects on annual basis. These projects need to be well captured and controlled in order to meet its objectives.

As a way of tracking project progress effectively, NAPEP embarked on modernizing its operations by investing in Enterprise Project Management (EPM) solution.

To implement this Quion Nigeria Limited was engaged to deploy the solution with, Management Edge Limited, a leading Technology Learning Provider to develop a bundle package covering Project Management, MS Project SharePoint and Project Information System.

In order to get the scope right, ME started by gathering requirements and identify training need. The training need analysis really help in identify who to train and what kind of training they will need.

The training which took place at the Abuja office of ME started on the 8th of April and ended on the 13th of April 2013.

At the end of the training the participants adjudged the training as one of the best they ever attended. According to one of the participants Mr. Alexander  Ekwuruke, a research officer with NAPEP the training will help in carrying out project monitoring activities in a more professional way.

“The training provides a good experience on monitoring and evaluation and it will help me and the management in creation of templates for monitoring project. Going out for monitoring now will be done in a more professional way”, said Alexander.

For Mr. NTA Monday, an IT Engineer, learning new skills was one of the best things that ever happen to him.  “My experience about the training was that I was able to do what I was unable to do before the training and I have been well informed” said NTA.





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