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Management Edge Is An Authorized PSI Test Center

Management edge Limited, is now an authorized PSI test center. You can take all your AWS and ISACA exams in a very conducive environment, with stress free computers and uninterrupted power supply. We have a very strong internet connection, so just come with a valid ID and get certified.

PSI: What is it?

PSI International is a well-known, globally operating provider of professional testing services. They are a market-leading provider of testing services dedicated to providing customers with excellent testing solutions that aid in obtaining the desired outcomes. The testing industry has been around for more than 30 years, and PSI as a company has a proven track record of success. They now serve as the go-to source for all testing needs for numerous professionals and government agencies.

Candidates for the AWS and ISACA certifications can take tests for these certifications using PSI’s global network and test delivery capabilities. Candidates may use our PSI Testing Center to administer exams.

Where can I take the ISACA and AWS certification tests?

Testing facilities like Management Edge Limited provide in-person proctoring in addition to the technical necessities for a test, like a computer system and security requirements. In addition to helping candidates check in and store their belongings, on-site staff will also assist candidates with taking their examinations on our testing center’s computer.

Its exam rescheduling possible?

Exams can be rescheduled, in fact. You are welcome to call us in advance of the exam’s due date. Our exam proctor will notify PSI and ask for an alternative exam date if a candidate is unable to take the exam on the appointed date. It can take up to 24 hours to reschedule an exam.

How soon will I receive my Results?

The outcome of your exam will be shown to you right away when you submit it. Only your exam success or failure is shown by the outcome. If you succeed, you will be notified via your registered email within 24 hours.

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