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Recognition & Appreciation Award Presented to Jibrin Drisu

At the annual retreat of Management Edge
Limited that took place this January 15th-16th, 2022 at Maina
Court, C.B.D, Abuja, Mr. Jibrin Drisu, who is the company’s
procurement manager, was given a 5-year service award. The
award was presented by the Lead Consultant, Mr. Rex Abitogun,
alongside a new laptop and congratulatory messages from
The five-year service award is the award the company presents to
reliable employees who have contributed to the company’s growth
for five years. Mr. Drisu joined the company in March 2016, where
he started as an assistant in the business department and was
saddled with the responsibility of procurement activities later on.
He is now the procurement manager at Management Edge Limited.
Mr. Drisu gave a speech after receiving the award, in which he
began by thanking God and the CEO for giving him an opportunity
to utilize his potential. He also appreciated his colleagues for
making his stay in the company so far a memorable one. He then
urged his junior colleagues to tread the honest path and stay
committed to the company’s growth.

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